Understanding mobile friendly options for your website

One of the things I love about having my own business is that there’s always more to learn. And one of the ways I figure stuff out is to write about it. So lucky you… you get to learn a little along with me. Several clients recently have asked about making their websites look better on their phone or tablet. So I’ve been looking into the options. You can read what I learned about mobile-friendly options for your website in this post. You can see the results of the first site I’ve “mobilized” by checking out Horizon Ag-Products on both your desktop and then your mobile phone and/or tablet. This  was done after the fact using a plug-in. If, after reading the post, you decide there’s need to develop a mobile version of your site, give me a call so we can discuss the appropriate options for you.

Spring has arrived

Easter weekend was spectacular weather here in the Seattle area. That means cherry blossoms, daffodils and for me, more tandem riding on the weekends. It also means more trips are afoot. The office will be closed while I attend a silent meditation retreat from April 12-22. During that time I will not have email or phone access. If you are a client you will receive a separate email with contact information for your backup support should something untoward occur in my absence. Planning ahead, I’ll also be out of the office for a family wedding in Rhode Island, May 8-15. I’ll have full email and phone access. I hope you’re getting out to enjoy the season as well.

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