Happy New Year

I hope you had a lovely holiday season, as we did. I can hardly believe it’s been since September that I last wrote. I’ve made it a policy to not mix politics with work so I won’t go there. But I will say that I have hope that we will unite and be better for the challenges we are facing in the coming year. Maybe I’ll see you in the crowd January 21. My niece Jenna Riggs designed this button which is available for bulk purchase and free distribution.

New Project in the works

I’m currently working on a large project for University Congreational UCC that we hope to launch in 2-3 weeks. I cannot give you a link but I’m sharing a capture of the home page. The site includes importing 700 WordPress blog posts and incorporating Podcasts and training volunteers in various functions.


Planning for 6 week office closure

My husband and I have been accepted into a month-long meditation retreat at Spirit Rock north of San Francisco. During that time I will be 100% “unplugged”. When the retreat is over I will be heading to see my 91 year old Mom in Rhode Island. This means my last day of work will be Friday, Feb 17. My first official day back at work will be Monday, April 10. I’ll be able to catch up on emails while in RI and expect to be email responsive during that week. Please plan any work you may have in mind for before or after those dates. While I will have two backup folks in place for any critical work, they will be on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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