tvisions-biz-card-300x168When I started working with Terry Simpson in January it was only to design his logo and business card. Then he came back and wanted me to pick up his website, already in progress. The work Terry does is amazing. With a theater background, he helps his clients figure out what they need to communicate and how, then puts the script on a teleprompter. I know of no one else that is integrating green-screen video into the architecture of a website the way Terry is.

Sheila is an extraordinary collaborator and a perfect fit for me.  I’m someone who loves to pack as much as possible into everything, and Sheila provides the perfect voice of “less is more.” The end result (logo, business card, website) is like me at my best. Her design sense is remarkable.  Her attitude is “can do”. She brings a lot of tools, skills, and intelligence to the process. And most of all she is really fun to work with because she will show you what she thinks you mean almost as soon as you can say “something like that, only a little more…”  What a joy!

—Terry Simpson